Alcohol consumption is part of most people’s lives, whether it is a social gathering or holidays with the family, so it is important we address it. According to Renaissance Periodization, “alcohol can hurt your body composition and performance goals, but context is important and dose matters!” In order to minimize the damage of alcohol, don’t go over 40 ounces of beer (3 beers), 13 ounce of wine (3 glasses), or 4 ounces of liquor (2.5 shots). It is also helpful to have protein near the time of drinking, stay away from mixed drinks, and as alcohol can have a negative effect on sleep, stop drinking at least 3 hours before bedtime. Eating out can also prove to be difficult when trying to adhere to a diet. For your main dishes, choose a grilled fish or chicken as opposed to the fried version. Leave off all butter, gravy, sauces, and limit the amount of mustard, mayonnaise, and ketchup you consume. Make smart choices with your side dishes – choose a sweet potato over french fries, and use a low-calorie vinaigrette with your salad. Also, it is always the best choice to choose water to drink as most other drinks are high in sugar.

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