You can’t manage what you don’t measure

The only way to know whether a fitness or nutrition plan is helping you reach your goals is by tracking what you do and the results you get. It’s tempting to assume everything is working because it feels like it is, but the actual numbers may tell a different story. Fitness trackers, food diaries, and photos present concrete evidence of progress and can help you understand where changes should be made. Measuring your progress can include:

  • Fitness Tracking Apps: There are plenty of easy to use apps on every platform to help log and track workouts, including MyFitnessPal (free) Most include nutrition tracking as well.
  • Pen and Paper: Lots of athletes prefer the tried and true notebook when it comes to tracking workouts and progress. Throw one in your gym bag just in case.
  • Photos: It’s hard to argue with a picture, and each progress photo is worth a thousand words.
  • The Scale: A scale can provide useful feedback, but keep in mind that muscle is far denser than fat so you may weigh more as you build a leaner, stronger body. Also, weight fluctuates daily and even throughout the day – rely on a scale to show longer term trends, not day-to-day numbers.

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