SQUAT:Considerations to be taken when performing the squat (raise and lower body to and from a standing and seated position) would be the grip and/or rack support for the external object/load. Try using a variety of equipment such as sand bags, med balls, KB, or specialized bars such as a cambered bar – such as the Kabuki Strength Transformer Bar – or a safety squat bar (SSB) to achieve a loaded squat.

DEADLIFT: When performing the deadlift (raise and lower an external object from the ground), one must consider grip, active shoulders, and loading. Try using equipment such as the medball, sandbag, or d-ball. Try variations of the conventional DL such as the 1-Arm DL with barbell, 1-Arm KB or DB deadlift, or a barbell good morning. Check out Anderson Powerlifting “Repel Barbell Strap” for a fantastic implement to use for DL variations and other barbell movements.

OVERHEAD PRESS: When performing any variation of an overhead press (move an object from shoulder to overhead) considerations for grip and rack position must be made. Try performing the movement with different types of equipment such as a KB or DB.

PULL UP: The pull-up (PU) is a very common movement that I expect all of us to be familiar with. Some variations to try if you are not able to perform a conventional pull-up are ring rows, banded-assisted PU, banded pull-downs, or 1-Arm DB rows.

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