Frequenty Asked Questions

Dashboard Support

  • If a veteran member loses their password or log-in info, they will need to use the Contact Support tab on their dashboard
  • Any issues with surveys or uploads on the dashboard, veteran will need to use the Contact Support tab on their dashboard
  • Any other issues in the Dashboard will need to be sent to Contact Support


  • If questions about renewal can not be answered in the member’s dashboard, they will need to email Laurie Mancina at
  • Any questions about the Pay it Forward renewal requirement, the veteran should visit the Landing Zone’s CAL Community – Challenges section.


  • Members that have been in the program for 1 year and express an interest in fitness certification, will be evaluated on a case by case basis and will have to meet certain requirements including giving 45 hours back to the CAL Program. Coaches will need to email Lynn with the interested veteran’s name.

Goals Of The Interview

  • Interview should be presented as an evaluation of the Veteran’s motivation to his health/fitness and the CAL programm and determining a tier level.
  • Need to assess health/fitness goals, injuries, plan of action and if the veteran has 30, 90 and 1-year plan and/or future goal.
  • Need to walk through dashboard how to use and importance of all of the tasks that they are responsible for, i.e. surveys now that they are are in the program. This dashboard starts now and will be with the member throughout their time in the CAL program. Tasks are required to be compoleted on the dashboard.
  • Walk through how to use LZ. Make sure they have an understanding of what the LZ offers during their wait time and into their grant. Make aware that the LZ is updated monthly.

The TIER System

  • TIER 1 – Tier one will be the lowest tier. This tier should include any and all individuals who are still able to work, go out and interact with people and also have a strong support group surrounding them. This individual, although deserving, has other outlets to speak and engage with people to express their emotions. Minor injuries as well. Will only need VOR calls.
  • TIER 2 – Tier two should be for individuals who struggle to get out due to PTSD. It should also include others who are serious about their fitness and nutrition goals but also have a support system of sorts. not to say some injuries aren’t as important, but injuries (broken ankle, torn ACL) that aren’t life-threatening. Will need VOR calls with occasional interaction with a CAL Coach.
  • TIER 3 – Tier three is for individuals who need it most. This individual has a life-altering injury, struggles with human interaction due to PTSD, anxiety, depression and any other internal issue. Missing one or multiple limbs. Spinal Injury. This individual would not only have the aforementioned injuries, but also does not have a support system. Please make note if this person is tier 3 based on mental issues, physical issues or both. Will need a CAL Coach.