Incinerate fat, carve your abs, and layer muscle onto your arms, pecs and legs with this super-quick workout from veteran trainer Mathew Forzaglia. You’ll break a killer sweat in this session while building strength and etching detail into your six-pack, thanks to a pair of challenging circuit workouts. Ready to work?

WARMUP (do each move for 20 seconds; do 2 rounds)
Jumping Jacks
Inchworm to Pushup
Air Squat

CIRCUIT WORKOUT (do each move for 30 seconds. Do 2 rounds)
Goblet Squat
Pushup to Kettlebell tap
Alternating Gorilla Row

AMRAP FINISHER (do 10 reps of each move, resting as needed. Try to complete as many rounds as possible)
Kettlebell Swing
Plank KB Tap
Goblet Lateral Lunge