Follow along with daily WOD posts for a great burn and a high intensity bodyweight workout. Challenge yourself by repeating a WOD for better time, more rounds or pushing yourself harder. Recommended equipment: Smartphone timer, small pad with pen to mark your rounds.

Get to it!!

Wednesday 6/3/2020

2 RTF:

60 DU/180 SU, 6 Turkish getups (left arm), 12 S2O (left arm), 24 OH alt lunge (left arm), 60 DU/ 180 SU, 6 Turkish getups (right arm), 12 S2O (right arm), 24 OH alt lunge (right arm).

*select an object/weight you can keep stable alt overhead lunge form consistent. 

Tuesday 6/2/2020

Once through for time:

400m run, 21-15-9 of: alt object snatches (21 each side), V-ups.  400m run. 15-12-9 alt object squat clean (15 each side), atomic or weighted sit ups. 400m run.

men- #35+ women- #20+

Monday 6/1/2020

For Time:

60-50-40-30-20-10 air squats 

5-10-15-20-25-30 HRPU

20 DU or 60 SU after each round.

Sunday 5/31/2020

4 Rounds for Time:

500m run to object, 20 GTO with object, 50m walking lunge (same direction as run), 10 burpees, 50m bear crawl (back towards object), 20 goblet squats with object, 50m broad jump back to starting point, 10 V-ups. Rest 1 minute.

Saturday 5/30/2020

4 Rounds for Reps: 

4 Four minute max rounds for time (each round):

200m run, 10 pushups, 15 single arm object hang clusters, rest remaining time. 

*Left arm rounds 1&3. Right arm rounds 2&4. Record time completed each round. Men- 35#+ Women-20#+

Friday 5/29/2020

For time:

20 burpees, 40 objects GTOs, 60 object alt lunges, 80 alt shoulder taps, 60 alt object lunges, object object GTOs, 20 burpees. 

*Women 20#+

*Men 35#+

Thursday 5/28/2020

For time:

80 Goblet squats but EMOM, 20DU/ 50 SU (start with DU/SU).

Rest 4 minutes

200 DU/ 500 SU but EMOM 5 goblet squats (start with goblet squats)

*Choose an object you do 10-15 goblet squats unbroken with.

Wednesday 5/27/2020

16 Minute AMRAP:

200m run, 10 object S2O- left, 10 burpees, 10 S2O- right.

*Chose an object that allows you to go unbroken for at least the first 2-3 rounds.

Tuesday 5/26/2020

4 RFT:

200m run, 10 V-ups or lemon squeezers, 20 object clean and presses, 30 alt lunges with object, 40 bicycles.

  • women- 25#+
  • men- 35#+

Monday 5/25/2020 


Once through for time: (partition reps in between runs as needed)

1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats, 1 mile run.

  • rx- vested.
  • scale to half murph= 800m run or row, 50 pull ups or bent object rows, 150 push ups, 200 squats, 800 row/run.

Sunday 5/24/2020


200m run, 20 alt single arm clean & press, 20 goblet squats, 20 HRPU, 20 sit ups.

*choose and object that is challenging in weight to clean but can be done unbroken.

Saturday 5/23/2020

14 min AMRAP:

200m run, 20 kettlebell swings (alt is GTO), 20 alt reverse lunges w/ KB or object, 20 V-ups.

Friday 5/22/2020

For time:


Double unders, sit ups.

Thursday 5/21/2020

Once through for time:

800m run, 50 Devil presses, 800m run.

*choose a challenging but doable weight. 

Wednesday 5/20/2020

For time:

120 Weighted step ups, but EMOM 5 burpees. Start with burpees.

*men- #35+ women- 20#+

Tuesday 5/19/2020

Four, Four minute rounds, 1 minute rest in between:

400m run, 15 single arm GTO, max rep single arm alt OH lunge with remaining time.

*Score= number of single arm alt OH alt lunges each round.

*rounds 1&3- right arm, rounds 2&4 left arm.

Monday 5/18/2020

Once through for time:

200m run, 4 rounds of Cindy’s Cousins, 200m run, 3 rounds of Cindy’s Cousin, 200m run, 2 rounds of Cindys Cousin, 200m run, 1 round of Cindy’s Cousin.

*Cindy’s Cousin= 5 burpees, 10 push ups, 15 air squats.

Sunday 5/17/2020

Once through for time:

800m run, 40 skaters, 40 lemon squeezers, 40 jump squats, 40 shoulder taps.

400m run, 30 of each movement.

200m run, 20 0f each movement.

100m run, 10 of each movement.

Saturday 5/16/2020

18 Minute AMRAP:

200m run, 20 object GTO, 15 Goblet squats,10 HRPU, 5 Reverse burpees.

*15-30# W. 25-50# M.

Friday 5/15/2020

8 Rounds for time:

100m sprint, 10 burpees, 20 mountain climbers,100m sprint, 10 alt object snatches, 20 alt lunges w object.

*lighter,  unbroken, faster is better on this one!

Thursday 5/14/2020

Once through for time:

100 DU (or 300 SU), 50 sit ups, 10 push ups, 80 DU (240 SU), 40 sit ups, 15 push ups, 60 DU (180 SU), 30 sit ups, 20 push ups, 40 DU (120 SU), 20 sit ups, 25 push ups, 20 DU (60 SU), 10 sit ups, 30 Push ups.

Wednesday 5/13/2020

4 Rounds for time:

200m run, 10 single arm object clusters (left), 10 goblet squats, 10 single arm object clusters (right), 10 goblet squats, 1 minute rest.

*weights 15-30# or 30-50#

Tuesday 5/12/2020

Once through for time:

200m run, 100 alt lunges, 20 shoulder taps, 200m run, 80 alt lunges, 40 shoulder taps, 200m run, 60 alt lunges, 60 shoulder taps, 200m run, 40 alt lunges, 80 shoulder taps, 200m run, 20 alt lunges, 100 shoulder taps, 200m run.

*maintain a plank position during shoulder taps. 

Monday 5/11/2020

14 Minute AMRAP– Rounds & Reps 

1 Burpee over object, 2 HRPU, 3 Goblet squats w/ object.

*Add 1,2,3 rep each round (ex: round one, 1,2,3, round two, 2,4,6…)

*Select a weight you can do unbroken throughout.

Sunday 5/10/1010

AMRAP-reps. Five, Two minute rounds, 1 minute rest between rounds.

5 deadlifts, 10 hang clean and press, 200m sprint, max burpees with remaining time.

*Score= number of burpees done each round.

*Objects should be one the heavier side!

Saturday 5/9/2020

For time: 100 Goblet Squats.

*every time you rest, run 100m or do 20 double under’s. You know if you’re resting!

*Object should be 25-35 lb.

Friday 5/8/2020

Complete the following in any order for time, but EMOM 2 Burpees.

100 HRPU, 100 Situps, 100 alt Lunges.

Thursday 5/7/2020

800m run followed by 30 seconds of rest. 

21-15-9 of object thruster, HRPU, V-ups.

30 seconds of rest, followed by an 800m run.

*HRPU= hand release push up. Object should be 35-75 lbs.

Wednesday 5/6/2020

20 minute AMRAP:

50 DU (or 150 SU or lateral hops), 25 pushups, 25 1.5 air squats, 25 dips (box or chair), 50 alt reverse lunges.

Tuesday 5/5/2020

4 Rounds for Time:

20 alt object snatches, 200m run, 20 alt single arm object squat cleans, 200m run, rest 1 min.

*object should be 25-50 lbs. 

Monday 5/4/2020

Once through for time:

200m run, 60 weighted alt step ups, 200m run, 40 pushups, 200m run, 20 object strict or push press, 200m run, 40 burpees, 200m run, 50 goblet squats, 200m run.

*Select an object that you can press 7-10 times unbroken and us for all weighted movements.

Sunday 5/3/2020

Five, 4 minute rounds: 

50 Double Unders (150 Singles or lateral hops), 20 G2Os with object, 20 OH alt lunges with object. Rest remaining time in each round.

*object should be within 20-40lbs. Score= time it takes to complete the movements in each round.

Saturday 5/2/2020

20 Min AMRAP with 800m buy in. With remaining time:

30 sit ups, 20 air squats, 10 push ups. 5 burpees.

Friday 5/1/2020

16 Minute AMRAP.

10 burpees, 15 single arm (left) Shoulder-2-Overhead w/ object, 20 alt lunges w/ object, 15 single arm (right) S2O, 10 atomic sit ups w/ object (scale to weighted sit ups).

*object should be within the 20-40 lbs range. Aim to use a weight that is challenging but allows you to do the S2O’s and lunges unbroken.


Thursday 4/30/2020

20 min EMOM 30 sec work, 30 sec rest. Rotate through these 4 movements on the top of each minute.

Double Unders (or 3:1 ratio of Single Unders), Pushups, Goblet Squats, Object G2O’s.

*Object should be within the 25-50lb range

Wednesday 4/29/2020

Once through for time:

400m run, 27 reverse burpees, 27 object squat cleans, 27 V-ups or lemon squeezers.

400m run 21 of each previous movement.

400m run 15 of each previous movement.

400 m run, 9 of each previous movement.

Tuesday 4/28/2020

Twice Through for Time, 2 minute rest between rounds:

200m run, 5 Turkish getups with object,10 single arm object snatches (left), 15 goblet squats with object, 20 Russian twists with object, 25 sit ups, 200m run, 5 Turkish getups with object (right), 10 single arm snatches with object (right), 15 goblet squats with object, 20 Russian twists with object, 25 situps.

*Object should be within the 15-40 lb range. Be able to control all the way through the Turkish getups.

Monday 4/27/2020

For Time: 200m run, 20 pushups, 20 object ground-to-overheads, 100m walking lunge, 40. object thrusters, 100m walking lunge, 20 object ground-to-overhead, 20 pushups, 200m run.

Sunday 4/26/2020

4 Rounds for Time, 90 seconds rest between rounds

17 double unders (51 single unders or lateral hops), 17 air squats, 17 DU (51), 17 push ups, 17 DU (51), 17 sit ups, 17 DU (51).

Saturday 4/25/2020

2 Rounds for Time, 1 minute of rest between rounds

200m run, 20 pushups with shoulder taps, 20 one & a half air squats, 200m run, 40 mountain climbers, 40 alt lunges, 200m run, 20 side-to-side pushups, 20 squat jumps, 200m run.

  • one & a half air squat= sit to full air squat position, raise your body halfway up out of the squat, then back down to the bottom before extending to standing position.

Friday 4/24/2020

10 minute AMRAP- Rounds + reps

20 Double unders (or 60 Single unders/ 60 lateral jumps), 2 object hang cleans, 2 object thrusters.

20 Double unders (60 Single unders/ lateral jumps), 4 object hang cleans, 4 object thrusters….

etc adding 2 reps to cleans and thrusters each round.

at 10:00 rest one minute then count down from wherever you finished the metcon.


Thursday 4/23/2020

3 Rounds for Time with 1 min rest between rounds

200m run, 20 object squats, 200m run, 15 S-2-O, 200m run, 10 object thrusters, 200m run.

Object should be in the 25-50 lb range

Wednesday 4/22/2020

4, 6 Minute Rounds For Time

400m run, 30 lunges with object, 20 alt object snatches, 10 burpees, rest remaining time.

Object should be in the 25-50lb range. Score= time to complete each round.

Tuesday 4/21/2020

Rotate through the movements for max QUALITY reps. Rest 1 min between rounds.

Air squats, Pushups, Alt Lunges, Burpees

1st round- 30 sec work, 15 sec rest between movements. 2nd rounds- 1 min work, 30 sec rest between movements. 3rd round- 90 sec work, 45 sec rest. 4th round- 2 min work, 1 min rest.

Monday 4/20/2020

Warm Up- 10 minute run

As many rounds as possible for 20 minutes.

10 Burpees, 15 push ups, 10 Supermans, 15 V-ups, 25 AirSquats

Repeat for each round.

Stretch out for 5 minutes 

Sunday 4/19/2020

Twice through for time

400m run, 50 air squats, 25 pushups, 400m run, 50 alt lunges, 25 burpees.

Options: add weighted vest, or, add a weight to squats and lunges.

Saturday 4/18/2020

For Time

50 Dumbbell Deadlifts, 50 Ab mat sit ups, 50 box step ups, 50 single arm dumbbell thrusters.

time cap- 20 minutes.

Friday 4/17/2020

For time

10, 9, 8, 7…1 reverse burpees

1, 2, 3, 4…10 (each arm) alt DB snatches

ex: 1st round is 10 reverse burpees, 1 DB snatch on each arm, 2nd round is 9 reverse burpees, 2 db snatches on each arm.

Thursday 4/16/2020

4, 6 minute rounds for reps

400m run, 25 object ground to overhead, 20 object overhead alt lunges, 15 pushups, 10 burpees, max rep sit ups with remaining time

object should be in the 25-50 lb range.

score= # of sit ups each round