In the 19th century, the term strongman referred to an exhibitor of strength or similar circus performers who performed feats of strength. In modern times strongman competitions, have grown in popularity and can be found in every state and across the world. These competitions usually have 5-7 events in which the competitors have to move the highest weights possible, the winner being the one having the highest tally across all events. Common events include, Atlas Stones, log press, yoke carry, farmers carry, keg toss, sandbag load.

Training for strongman involves building overall strength in the gym and training with competition implements. In the gym, you must train the entire body for strength. Variations of the squat, deadlift, and overhead press are a must. It is also important to train explosive power, developed by weightlifting-style lifts, and cardiovascular conditioning. Grip strength is a must in the sport.

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