Jose Ivan Perez: Mobility, Functionality, Nutrition

I have been in the darkest of places, and I have fought my way out. I went to school to be a chef and had a great career for several years. Fitness was my way out of the darkness, and depression. It just so happens that I’m really good at making food taste good, so it helps. I’m honest with myself and honest with others. I am hard on myself, and push my limits as much as I can. When it comes to others, I push their limits by challenging them mentally and physically.

✰ I am a CAL Veteran member.

✰ Where are you located? Texas.

✰ I am currently in the process of recertification for personal training.

✰ What is your favorite quote? "How bad do you want it?"

✰ Who do you admire most? Kobe Bryant, Micheal Jordan, Sidney Crosby, Conor McDavid. I admire them because they work their asses off and it shows.

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