Don Wright: Aging Well

I spent 12 active duty years in the U.S Army. This allowed me to develop and retain the fitness habit that I continue to use today. I still employ a number of the stretching exercises I used while in the Army. In addition, I combine strength with aerobic workouts to mirror the army's philosophy of total fitness. Now, as I get older and see the aging "Boomer" population I structure all aspects of the total wellness to work with the individual and his/her capacity to engage in physical exercise tailored specifically to their capabilities and current level of endurance.

✰ I am an Army Veteran / CAL volunteer.

✰ Where are you located? Pennsylvania.

✰ Certifications include: IIN - Institute of Integrative Nutrition - Health Coach and Hormone Health Certificate, IAHC - International Association of Health Coaching certificate.

✰ What's your favorite quote? "If it is to be it is up to me."

✰ Who do you admire most? Winston Churchill.

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