Jimmie Blockett: Band Program

I served 27 years in the US Army (Turret Technician (3) & Paralegal (24); NETA CPT and Band Coach for CAL.  I live in Wesley Chapel, Fl (Native Razorback). I have three Amazing Daughters that are the flicker to my flame and they are my extrinsic motivation to be better each and every day I’m Blessed to take another breath.

  • I am a CAL Veteran member, Give Back and  Coach.
  • Where are you located?  Florida.
  • I am NETA Certified Personal Trainer.
  • What is my favorite quote?  “The Phoenix Moment, Time to Reinvent the New You,” Jimmie Blockett
  • Who do I admire most?  My Mother.

Coach JB
“The Phoenix Moment, Time to Reinvent the New You” ~ Me

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