Sarah Rudder: Strength and Conditioning

I am a LBKA as of 2014. Prior to my amputation I attempted to dabble in a variety of exercising programs from spin, adult soccer, martial arts, boxing… you get it. I ended up giving up on everyone of them because my pain debilitated me. After my amputation I had no more excuses, a ton of added weight and many regrets to shed. I started going to CrossFit on a daily schedule 5 days a week. I found that not only was I getting stronger and losing weight, but I was able to feel a sense of relief after every exercise. I was able to block out all the shit in my head for one hour and push my body as hard as I could, competing against myself daily. I figure it is up to me to make myself better. I have competed in Warrior Games twice and in the Invictus Games twice in up to 9 events. CrossFit was my #1 way to prepare for all those events. I learned how to adapt in the gym by taking chances and overcoming what I thought were impossible obstacles.

✰ I am a USMC Veteran / CAL volunteer.

✰ Where are you located? California.

✰ I am certified in Mike Bergender Olympic Lifting as well as CrossFit Level 1.

✰ What is your favorite quote? "You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have." -Bob Marley

✰ Who do you admire most? The Obama family.

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