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The COACHES CORNER, hosted by Melissa Leuck US Army features  CAL members, coaches  & mentors discussing current topics anywhere from motivation, nutrition and competition to overcoming fitness obstacles, setting goals and adaptive training methods.  Veteran members are invited to join our hosts and guest for the Rally Point discussion group after the show each week for open dialogue, comments and questions answered. 

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Date Episode Title Topic Guest Link
4/22/20 001 Staying Sharp On And Off The Ice. Mental Strength / Adapting To Training At Home During Quarantine. Ivan Perez USMC Watch Now
4/29/20 002 I Got This! Mental Toughness / Competition Carnell Martin USMC Watch Now
5/6/20 003 Keep Your Head In the Game Anxiety And Pushing Forward Sarah Rudder USMC Watch Now
5/13/20 004 Love/Hate Eating  Food And Your Perception

Jason Livingston USArmy

Watch Now
5/20/20 005 “Do you even need your legs to be strong”  Managing Family, Business and Fitness Julian Torres USMC Watch Now
5/27/20 006 Set A Goal, Hit It! Training Goals

Kirstie Ennis

Watch Now
6/3/20 007 Eye On The Target! Changing Your Mindset Brody Howatt USArmy CPT
Watch Now
6/10/20 008 Redefining the “New You” Personal Development Journey

Jimmie Blockett USArmy

Watch Now
6/17/20 009 Strong Or Conditioned? Strength and Conditioning Karin Werth Watch Now
6/24/20 010 No Suit Needed! What Or Is Business An Option For You? Grovert Fuentes USAF

Watch Now

7/1/20 011 Keep It Real! Reflections On Chris Coffland Aaron King USArmy

Watch Now

7/15/20 013 It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle


Don Wright Watch Now
7/22/20 014 Find Your Happiness

Pursuing What Makes You Happy

Justin Fisher

Watch Now

7/29/20 015 Moving Forward

Mental Health & Continuing To Move Forward

Brittany Berlin

Watch Now

8/19/20 016 Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles

Aaron Hale

Watch Now

8/26/20 017  


Robert Dominguez

Watch Now

9/2/20 018  


Ed Feinstein

Watch Now

9/9/20 019  

Launching Our Virtual Fundraiser

Lynn Coffland

Watch Now

9/16/20 020

A life of Intelligence

Woman veterans transitioning out of service. Entrepreneurship

Amber Dach

Watch Now

9/23/20 021

Nothing can stop me

From multiple purple hearts to passing the bar.

Robert Kilmartin

Watch Now

9/30/20 022

A life of service

30 years of service. Opening a gym. Faith based ministry.

Todd Sullivan

Watch Now

10/6/20 023

But Did You Die?

Adaptive Fitness, Nutrition and Giving Back.

Matt Leyva

Watch Now

10/14/20 024

A life of gratitude.

Using his platform for the greater good.

Brent Nadjadi

Watch Now

10/21/20 025

From tragedy to purpose

Moving forward form a horrific event, fitness, nutrition and serving others.

Dave Cascante

Watch Now

10/28/20 026

Go All In

From Green Beret to Hollywood. Going all in for your dreams.

Jeff Bosley

Watch Now

11/4/20 027

Always keep going

Bobby Dove

Watch Now

11/11/20 028

A special roundtable episode of the coaches corner celebrating Veteran’s day.

Veteran’s Day Special

Watch Now

11/18/20 029

You can’t stay in your pity party

Coach Melissa discusses CAL with Veteran Anthony Semprun, US Navy

Anthony Semprun

Watch Now

11/25/20 030

Thankful To Serve

Coach Melissa is joined by Lynn Coffland to recap CAL’s 14 day event.

Lynn Coffland

Watch Now

12/2/20 031

New Perspective

Seeing Everything For The First Time Again

Kevin Demmons

Watch Now

12/9/20 032

Working Through an Injury

Work the muscle, not the weight

Jason Livingston, US Army

Watch Now

12/16/20 033


Stay Ready

Carnell Martin, USMC

Watch Now

12/23/20 010

What or is business an option for you?

No Suit Needed!

Grovert Fuentes, USAF

Watch Now

12/30/20 016

Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles

Aaron Hale

Watch Now

1/6/21 034

How to prepare for a New Year, Set New Goals

Melissa and Lynn discuss the new year!

Lynn Coffland

Watch Now

1/13/21 035

Behind The Scenes.

Melissa and Kaylee discuss the making of the podcast.

Kaylee Nassiri

Watch Now

1/20/21 036

Soldier Session

Multiple Guests including Sarah Rudder & Bogumila Kenney

Sarah Rudder & Bogumila Kenney

Watch Now

1/27/21 037

Life After 7 Tours

Kenny Walker

Watch Now

2/3/21 038

transition, CaL wait list, lawyer of vets

Jon Glover

Watch Now

2/10/21 039

Gaining success through peer mentorship and accountability

Fitness, Motocross, Education and Leatherwork

Todd Taylor

Watch Now

2/17/21 040

Soldier Session with Jason Livingston, Kevin Demmons. Carnell Martin, and Sarah Rudder

Jason Livingston, Kevin Demmons. Carnell Martin, and Sarah Rudder

Watch Now

2/24/21 041

Continuing to serve through the VA OEF OIF office (TCM)

Joe Diacheysn

Watch Now

3/3/21 042

Living Not Exisiting

Ed Zamora

Watch Now

3/10/21 043

Dan Lasko

Watch Now

3/17/21 044

Life after Catch A Lift internship. Continuing to serve thorugh ROTC

Syndey Baker

Watch Now

3/24/21 045

Monica Harwig US Army

Watch Now

3/31/21 046

Continuing to Serve as a DC Police Officer

Carmelo Rodriguez

Watch Now

4/7/21 047

Behind the Scenes at CAL with our Social Media Director

Lara DiPaola

Watch Now

4/14/21 048

Adaptive crossfit division, competing and dominating the open, looking to the next round.

Sarah Rudder

Watch Now