To our CAL veterans: we’re back with another update (February 5th, 2021) regarding statuses, funding, renewals and NEW APPLICANTS. Pease read below for information regarding questions you may have respectively:



Wellness Program:

Every veteran interviewed, approved and admitted into Catch A Lift is a part of our  Wellness Program. The Wellness Program Includes the following:

  • Coaching, mentorship and accountability provided by CAL veteran/civilian staff.
  • Motivational Support
  • Weekly inspirational text messages
  • Outreach calls from CAL volunteers
  • A personalized online dashboard for easy access to CAL information
  • Full access to the Landing Zone
  • Live stream of CAL podcast: Coaches Corner
  • CAL Fitness App (Email Coach Melissa Leuck, mleuck@catchaliftfund.com, for any questions regarding the app).

Monetary Grant: 

(Post 9-11 Veterans) In addition to the Wellness Program, if you wish to receive a grant for a fitness facility or home equipment, each applicant’s eligibility is accessed within a 3 month period of your entry into the Wellness Program. At that time, grants will be determined upon available funding AND successful participation in the Wellness Program.

The majority of our funding came from in-person events throughout the year and like everyone experiencing 2020, everything came to a halt. We have worked tirelessly over the past few months creating a fair and safe way to gear back up. Our funding has livened up since the challenges 2020 brought but it still remains each member’s grant will be contingent upon our newly structured monetary grant of $600. This grant covers EITHER a 12 month membership to a fitness facility OR home equipment.

FOR MEMBERS APPROVED BEFORE 2/1/2021, Read below to find out what to do according to your status:

For those on the WAITLIST   (Approved but waiting to be funded)
If you are on the waitlist, you have been contacted as many as 3 times from Catch Lift Fund with the opportunity to fill out this Quick 8 Question Survey to let us know you’re ready to be funded. This must be completed to move forward. We will serve member by member according to your approval date. I assure you we are working tirelessly to do so.
If you have a question regarding waitlist, please contact Rachel Forbes at rforbes@catchaliftfund.com.

For those who are FUNDED 
At this point you should have spoken with your Gym Coordinator, Rachel Forbes rforbes@catchaliftfund.com . The CAL staff & Rachel have reached out to everyone multiple times. Your facility should have been frozen & accrued time added to your membership. Regardless if your facility is still closed, OR you are back in the gym- be sure to let Rachel know; failure not to do so could affect future funding. If you have questions about your facility please reach out to Rachel, but please be prepared with info regarding your facility’s current COVID policies. This has been most difficult because of the facilities opening and closing off & on.

For those who are FUNDED but your 6mo payment was placed on hold due to covid
If you were contacted about your second 6 month payment being placed on hold due to COVID and NOW WISH TO RETURN TO THE GYM, please contact Rachel Forbes at rforbes@catchaliftfund.com. If you wish to switch to home equipment in place of your second 6 month payment, you will receive $300 to do so.

For those awaiting RENEWAL (Awaiting to be renewed)
Renewals are currently being held and/or a case by case sensitivity. If you did participate in the required Pay It Forward (3rd year members and beyond) & your accountability criteria is up to date, you are guaranteed funding and can be renewed.  Please contact your Gym Coordinator, Rachel Forbes rforbes@catchaliftfund.com  for details.

I am extremely appreciative of your patience & understanding during these challenging times.  You have all accomplished so much in the face of difficulty and I am grateful to help lead CAL to the next chapter along with each and every one of you.

As Cpl. Coffland would say, Keep it real.