Preparing for and recovering from a workout is as important as the workout itself. If you want to maximize the benefits from your fitness program and minimize risks of injury, warming up and breathing properly while moving fluidly through your fullest range of motion is essential. Getting plenty of rest and understanding your body’s need for recovery are also critical to long-term sustained fitness and health. As you demand more and more of your body, you’ll need to remember to:

  • WARM UP PROPERLY – get the heart beating, get the blood flowing and wake up those muscles and joints before doing the harder work.
  • BREATHE AND BRACE – different movements require different breathing patterns, but your core should always be strong and braced to minimize injury and effectively transfer power throughout the body.
  • ROLL AND RECOVER – proper foam rolling and use of other soft tissue implements following a workout speeds the recovery process and feels so good.
  • SLEEP – the body rebuilds and recovers when you sleep. Dark rooms with no screens help most to sleep more soundly for longer.
  • ADDRESS INJURIES – everyone gets hurt, and appropriate medical attention is critical, but athletes can train around most injuries with proper guidance.